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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Getting Noticed - the power of writers' networks

Since making a sincere effort to come out of my writer's cave a few years ago to socialise, mingle, chat with other writers I have been astonished by two things. Firstly, that writers are the most generous and caring people on the planet! They selflessly share opportunities with each other, even though it may mean they are competing with you for it. Amazing! Secondly I've noticed that opportunities seem to come my way once I stick my little hand up and tell people what I'm doing, what I'm interested in and what I'm looking for. Someone will remember.

Here are some people in my local Sydney network, care of Susanne Gervay's blog (Thanks Susanne!)
I met a very interesting lady there last year who interviewed me for her own blog about writing songs, which I have also dabbled in. Check out Janet's blog and my own photos from the UK which were used in the interview:

I'm also now on the gorgeous website 'Bug in a Book'

In June I will be spending time as Writer in Residence at a school in South Australia as part of a May Gibbs Creative Time fellowship. I can't wait to mingle with the kids and get down to some fun stuff! In the meantime I'm working on finishing my latest novel, researching for a non-fiction series, finalising blurbs and bios for my next book, coming out later this year. Life is great, people! Keep writing!
cheers, Dawn

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