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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Flight of Words - writing tips with Allan & Linda Anderson

Hi guys!

Just came across a link to this great website for writers hosted by Allan and Linda Anderson. There are some really useful and positive tips for when the dark corners of your writing day seem a bit scary!
Here are just a few of their 101 writing tips -
  • Schedule tasks
  • Break down big projects into smaller goals
  • Co-author with your children
  • 7 minute focused exercises
  •  Dream catcher notebook
  • Network with other writers/read their work
  • Listen while you drive
  • Talk to yourself
  • On the job characters
  • Record ideas on tape
  • Question for the day
  • Situational inspiration, ie: airport, park, supermarket queue
May your day be filled with wonderful moments of clarity!
cheers, Dawn

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