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Monday, 18 March 2013

Why dogs make good writing assistants

(c) Dawn Meredith
We have two dogs and a cat (and a horse, but he doesn't live at home) and I find they are great writing assistants!
  •  their funny little ways amuse me
  • they make me giggle after a hard day 
  • they offer comfort when I need it
  • their loyalty (yes, even the cat) and sense of 'family' inspires me
  • their reliance upon me is humbling
  • they make little fuss
  • their demands for attention break up the day and get me off the computer
But it's not all about us.When we take them home we are signing an invisible contract to protect them for their entire lifespan, no matter what they do or how our needs change. And when they near the end, they trust us to make the merciful decision to end their pain.

As a writer I find dogs and cats are great company, make little noise and are happy just to be near me, the pack leader. (Ok, the dogs sometimes bark when they're bored and the cat insists on sitting on either my lap or the keyboard, but you know what I mean). While I delve into imaginary worlds or research interesting titbits on the net, they curl up near me and wait for ball-throwing or patting time.

For a Monday giggle, check out this website,  The Oatmeal (please excuse the colourful language if you go to the site). Have a great day!
cheers, Dawn

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