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My Books

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Books by Dawn Meredith at BOOKTOPIA, Barnes & Noble

You can now order three of my seven books here, at BOOKTOPIA  and Barnes & Noble

"The Wobbly Wombat" takes a fresh look at an overused term these days - Bullying. What advice is good advice? As Woody asks Koala, Father of the Forest, Wise Possum and Dingo how to handle the teasing he is suffering, he finds that understanding others, and himself, helps a lot.

"12 Annoying Monsters - Self Talk for Kids with Anxiety" is a practical book for children and adults which provides the facts about the confusing and often overwhelming physical sensations that accompany anxiety while helping children (and adults) to be mindful of their intrusive thoughts, in the form of annoying monsters. 
What readers say: "I wish I had this book when I was a child."  - "Thank you for this book. It really has made a difference to us." - "This book is compelling. You can't put it down!"

"Sir Donald Bradman" was not only an astonishing athlete, but a world leader in the sport of cricket and a gentleman. Read all about his amazing rise to fame, from the boy who hit a golf ball off the side of a water tank, to the holder of a world record that still stands today, half a century later.

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