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Thursday, 12 November 2015

NEW BOOK for Dawn Meredith - 'Friend in a Shell' is IS HERE!

I'm very excited to announce that my latest book for children, 'Friend in a Shell' is now available online from Five Senses Education! Friend in a Shell by Dawn Meredith 

Imagine you found a GIANT SNAIL down at the park! Imagine if it was scary AND friendly, like a big dog! Imagine that bio-hazard scientists and zoo keepers wanted to kidnap your new friend. What would you do?

The Illustrator
This book is beautifully illustrated by Vietnamese
Artist Diem Kieu Thi Nguyen.
This is one of Diem's sketches for the story, in which Dad helps Charlie find Boris, the Giant Snail, and bring him back to their house in Dad's van!

Below is the opening scene from the book.

What's the story about?
Charlie has a new friend, Boris. 
Boris is super smart, even though all he can say is "Pfoooosht!". With a huge, shiny shell and waving eyestalks, Boris tends to scare people away. But all he really wants is for someone to scratch behind his head. Only Charlie is brave enough to be his friend. And then, disaster! News crews are swarming the park where Boris lives and the zoo wants to take him away as their prize exhibit.
Can Charlie keep Boris safe? And, what on Earth do you feed a giant snail?

When will it be launched?
I will be launching it Saturday November 21st at Katoomba Library at a FREE fun event for children called The Dragon Detective Quest, organised by the CBCA (Childrens Book Council of Australia) Blue Mountains sub branch. Kids of all ages are welcome to come along. Other fabulous and well known authors will also be there, such as Emily Rodda, Steven Herrick, Stephen Measeday and James Roy as well as award winning illustrator, Narelda Joy. It's going to be HUGE! You'll be able to buy copies of 'Friend in a Shell' on the day and have me sign them for you. Yay! Below is the flyer for the day. Just right click on it and print!

Don't miss out!
If you can't make it, click here to purchase your own copy of this exciting and fascinating book. Friend in a Shell by Dawn Meredith

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