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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Holiday craft for kids and adults - have FUN!

We spent many happy hours doing craft this holidays, with the simplest materials and made lovely gifts. Here are some of the projects. The key thing is to HAVE A GO and not worry about the outcome. Experiment with the materials and enjoy the process.

This brilliant stuff is plasticine that you bake in the oven. makes fabulous little critters which we made into a mobile with a piece of dowel, one hook, some fishing line and beading crimpers. 

 I used two part epoxy resin glue to attach the beasties to the dowel.

the finished mobile.


Edward Bear. I never use a pattern, I just experiment and see how it goes. Of course I end up pulling it up several times, but that's part of the process for me.
 Fingerless gloves. So easy!
A little bowl for knickknacks. A flat circle, then doubled up the trebles to form this lovely shape. It's already in use, to keep a bedside table tidy!

I used the wool from a kit to make this little guy. Many versions later I was happy with the result! He's a little late for this Christmas, but he'll be ready for Xmas 2016. 


Its amazing what you can come up with when you just have fun! The best ones didn't use glue at all.


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