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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


How do kids become non-readers?
Is your child struggling to learn to read, even after being in school for one or more years? There are  many reasons why some children fail to pick up the skills required for reading. It's usually down to their specific learning style, be it visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or multi-modal. There are usually bits missing, because of the peculiar way your child learns. Filling in those missing bits is what I do best.

It can be shattering to confidence, especially to older children who have experienced difficulty over a few years. I once had a student in year 11 whose reading age was 6 years. He had managed to get through the school system without being able to read and was facing year 12 HSC. Amazing! You'll be happy to know that within the year he was reading books on psychology and changed his original career plans when he realised reading was no longer a barrier to achieving his goals. He's now at university.

Help is here!
Anyway, back to your child.
I have 27 years experience teaching literacy to reluctant and struggling reader of all ages. If you live in NSW in the Greater Sydney or Blue Mountains area, bring your child along to my 2-day workshop and I guarantee he/she will have a fabulous time and will finally become a reader!

The flyer at the top of this page is easy to download and print, should you need a hard copy. Just right click on it and select 'save.'

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