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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A cure for insomnia, anxiety and over stimulated brains! Why Colouring in is so effective

I only ever won one competition at school 
It was a colouring in competition. And guess what the prize was? A colouring in book! I have always loved to colour inside those lines carefully, adding my own colour scheme with vibrant combinations.

Something we left behind
But as I grew up I left this cherished activity behind. It was considered childish.
Until adult colouring in books hit the shelves and everyone went mad with it! A former editor in a large publishing house lamented the demise of what he called 'proper books' as he spent most of his time helping to publish colouring in books. Discouraged, he quit the industry.

What's the point?
Having been an insomniac since I was a child, I am always looking for ways to wind down and slow the endless processing of a creative mind. And guess what? Colouring in helps. There's no blue light to keep stimulating the visual cortex. There's no noise. I just sit up in bed and scribble to my heart's content until its time to turn out the light.

These are the pages I've done so far, from Adam Fisher's amazing book of 300 odd pages - Brothers Grimm Coloring Book. It has thick, excellent paper and the pictures are only printed on one side. Best of all, the designs aren't completely covered in lines, so you can make each picture your own by adding shading etc. (I hate those mandala thingies!)

Adam's book has a lot of devotees. Just google it and check out the images. So get yourself a decent colouring in book and go for it!

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