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Thursday, 12 October 2017

SUPER CHARLOTTE my new novel with Inkitt Publishing - Get feedback on your work, one chapter at a time

Super Charlotte ch 1
SO, I decided to try something different yesterday. Inkitt are calling for new work and I decided to upload one of my YA novels, Super Charlotte.
Ever wished you could get back at those bitchy girls at school? Imagine you suddenly develop a super power, then discover you're a a dying clone, falling in love with a geek and running out of life...

So how do you do it?
The deal is this - they release one chapter and see how it goes. If there is enough interest they release another and so on. Eventually they decide the work is worth publishing and BINGO! You have a book deal. You don't need an agent. You don't need an illustrator.

So come with me on this journey!

Read my first chapter. Won't take long. Leave a comment and watch my progress. I am hoping it inspires you too!

Here is the all-important link. Super Charlotte ch 1 Click and read!

Wanna try it too?
If this sounds like something you'd like to try, drop me a line and let me know how you went -

Here are my pre-upload tips.
I know its super exciting to think your work could be 'out there' being read, but before you press 'send' take a moment to read through my top tips. Make a good impression by being professional Ok?
  • you must be the original creator of this work.
  • proof read your work, the whole thing, thoroughly.
  • get someone else to proofread your work OR use a program to read it to you while you check. I use 'Natural Reader'. Its brilliant! Finds mistakes I've overlooked hundreds of times because I'm so used to looking at it I don't see them anymore.
  • read through the Inkitt guidelines thoroughly and make sure you understand them
  • make sure its in an acceptable font, black (no colours!)
  • remove title page, contents page, acknowledgements, bibliography etc. Just leave the chapters of your work in a single document.
  • remove all those creative line breaks and rows of stars etc. Inkitt has its own page thingies. They don't like ours!
So there you have it. Once you sign up and log in, follow the prompts and you'll be fine. You will get an email from their team. Make sure you reply because they won't go ahead unless they hear from you. If you have any concerns of confusions they will clear it up for you. Once you've uploaded, share the link on social media.

Good luck! But above all - have fun with it!


  1. I've read 3 chapters - and joined Inkitt. So far really enjoying the story!

  2. Thank you Maren! I hope you continue reading. Good luck with Inkitt!

  3. At first it read as fairly predictable so perhaps work on that. I kept reading however (up to chapter3) and was pleasantly surprised. Was not expecting "clones". Keep going. Lots of potential.


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