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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gabrielle Lord's CONSPIRACY 365 series

Have just finished reading the first four books in this amazing series by Gabrielle Lord, reviewing them for ezine 'BUZZWORDS'. I couldn't put them down! I read them all in a week, one per night. They are the brain child of Andrew Berkhut at Scholastic, who wanted to excite YA readers with a thriller series.

What an amazing achievement for an author, to come up with not just one thrilling YA novel, but TWELVE, to be released one each month of 2010. I am stunned by the commitment of Scholastic too. The plot is impressive and Lord has kept up the tension so far in the first four books.

Young Cal Ormond becomes entangled in the mystery of his father's death when a man staggers down his street and clutches him, delivering a message that is both weird and disturbing. Cal is going to be hunted down, unless he can stay alive for the next 365 days. Accused of assualting his little sister and putting her in a coma, Cal is on the run, hiding wherever he can find a temporary place to lay his head - in tunnels, disused houses, railway yards etc. Without the help of his best friend, Boges, he would be dead already. Powerful people want what he wants - to solve the Ormond Riddle and cash in on the biggest prize imaginable.

If you have a young guy in your household or a class of young guys who are reluctant readers, then this is the series to get them hooked! I can't wait to read May's edition.


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