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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Gabrielle Lord - Conspiracy 365 May

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Have just finshed Gabrielle Lord's fifth book (May) in the C0nspiracy 365 series by Scholastic Australia. The clever plot drives on relentlessly, carrying poor Cal Ormond through more horrors and adventure. Whom can he trust, but his best buddy Boges? In book five his enemies have managed to get him committed to an asylum, from which he tries to escape, however the false identity they have created keeps him locked in therapy wth the dubiously intelligent Dr Snudgeglasser.

Finally, Cal manages an ingenious escape and flees to his Great Uncle Bartholomew. At last, a member of his family believes his story! But his joy is shortlived as Bartholomew figures out how Cal's enemies always know where to find him. For Cal, the reunion with his Great Uncle provides more clues to the Ormond Singularity, the secret his dying father tried to convey to his son on his deathbed. Cal is desperately homesick for his mother and little sister Gabby, but he can't go home. Despite his best efforts, Oriana De La Force's thugs have found him again and he must leave Bartholomew and flee in the little Orca airplane in the shed. Yes, that's right - fly a plane! Just when you think Cal is getting somewhere, his story twists again and he finds himself in more danger.

So far, Gabrielle Lord has kept up the suspense and drama for five books. Some of my students, notably boys, have caught the Consppiracy 365 bug and can't wait for the next instalment!

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cheers, Dawn

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