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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Enterprise steam paddle boat

In the age of steam power, hungry beasties like this furnace onboard the "Enterprise" steam paddle boat (now on Lake Burley Girffin in Canberra) had to be fed coal constantly, the pressure monitored carefully to avoid an explosion. It's an art form, controlling the amount of steam produced, so that the skipper can maneouvre the ship and adjust the speed, having enough forward momentum without losing steerage.

These days you can go onboard restored steam vessels, such as the elegant "Lady Hopetoun" and the "James Craig", moored at Rozelle in Sydney. Part of the Sydney Heritage Fleet, these vessels were restored to their former glory, entirely by volunteers. You can see their fleet here: Sydney Heritage Fleet website

There's also the ""Earnslaw" which ferries passengers up and down the magnificent fjord in Queenstown New Zealand.

cheers, Dawn

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