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Friday, 7 December 2012

How being rejected can feed your creativity

Its a funny thing, rejection. It's like a crossroads. You arrive, you feel the slap around the face and you stand there, dazed for a moment, thinking. Here's where you have a choice - you can whine and feel sorry for yourself, get angry that your amazing talent wasn't recognised for its true worth and rage at the world for being unfair to you. OR you can learn, extend your skills, be brave, GROW.

Here's an article that briefly describes the journey of singer Lady Gaga, who was signed by a record company and later dumped before she'd recorded a note. rejection feeds creativity Because she picked herself up and kept going, learning, changing, she later became famous for an even more eclectic style of music all her own.  GOTYE had a similar journey, so did the amazing Sir Richard Branson.  Researchers at John Hopkins University arranged a study where they tested this hypothesis - that being rejected can actually make you more creative. My last book went to six publishers before finding a good home. It was worth the wait.
cheers, Dawn


  1. Great post, Dawn! What doesn't make us quit, only makes us stronger ;)

  2. Absolutely, Zena! Good luck with your writing endeavors this year :-)

  3. This post renewed my determination and reassured me so when I was nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and asked to nominate 15 others, I included this one. To learn more about the award and passing it on, please visit

    1. Thanks Conny! Glad you liked the post. I will check out the link. cheers, Dawn


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