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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Autumn - a spicy, mellow time of year for the writer's brain

foggy Redbrow Garden (c) Dawn Meredith
Autumn is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year. Many people dread winter, but for me, the cooler weather is relaxing.

With spicy reds, golds and browns, autumn is a time of ripeness, maturity and fullness of heart. As a writer, perhaps its time to delve into those ideas you've been thinking and thinking about, but haven't really had the time to savor yet. Enjoy the crunchiness of new ideas that have had time to sit and mellow.

As winter approaches, a delicious heightened awareness develops, of the small things only noticeable in the stillness while nature sleeps. Perhaps small things have been missing from the story you're working on can now creep in and find their place.
Snippets of a poem from childhood have been bouncing around in my head, so I decided to look for it.

The summer is over, 
The trees are all bare,
There is mist in the garden 

and frost in the air.
The meadows are empty
And gathered the sheaves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves! 

John from the garden
Has taken the chairs;
It’s dark in the evening
And cold on the stairs.
Winter is coming and everyone grieves-
But isn’t it lovely kicking up leaves!

- by Rose Fyleman 
It's all in the attitude! Celebrate the slowing down and mindfulness of Autumn, the joy of soaking up the  warm glow of golden sun at breakfast.
cheers, Dawn

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