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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Anxious Kids - NEW BOOK for parents and children "12 Annoying Monsters" by Dawn Meredith

Hey! My fabulous book for kids (and grown-ups) is purchased here -  Five Senses Education website and 12 Annoying Monsters on AMAZON    So, what's it all about? Perhaps you are a bit anxious at times, get that pounding heart and shortness of breath. It can feel like it will NEVER END! But guess what? There are 12 annoying monsters chatting inside your head, telling you all the wrong things. Such as: 'change is always bad!' or 'the whole world is a horrible mess!' or 'everything has to be perfect!' These monsters are a real pain. But you can learn how to banish them, through awareness and useful strategies. This book comes highly recommended by counsellors, psychologists and parents.
About me:
I've been working with children and their families for 25 years. I've noticed that so many kids suffer with panic attacks, feelings of misery and helplessness! I've put all  my tips into this fun book. By identifying some of the unhelpful thoughts and casting them as monsters who live outside their heads, children can learn to recognise these unhelpful messages and ignore them. Developing new, more positive messages, more helpful thinking habits and accepting that the symptoms of anxiety can be managed gives an enormous sense of relief and freedom to someone who has suffered with this sometimes paralysing condition for many years.  

The funny thing about this book is that adults will flick through it and exclaim out loud, "Oh, this one talks to me!"   There are ways of thinking which are inherited, as personality, and therefor run in families. In this way, my book can stimulate conversations between parents and their children.

As a writer, I run workshops all over the country for children and adults. I speak to audiences about writing, about what kids like to read and about trends in publishing and literacy. I love hearing what readers think of my books! If you'd like to write a review I will post it here on my site.
Enjoy your day!

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