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Friday, 2 May 2014

STAR WARS new film - So why Can't Babes be Warriors?

Whoa, you were there?
Yes, I know this makes me SUPER old, but I remember going to see STAR WARS when it was released to cinemas in 1977. I don't remember who took me, but I remember almost everything I saw on the screen that day.
What an amazing phenomenon Star Wars has become!
Sequels and Prequels - it's all downhill
Some people are of the opinion that it's been a steady downhill rush since those first three films, that each subsequent installment has failed to impress. I love the characters and I'm inclined to think that the film makers could do just about anything. The world George Lucas created can take it. Heck, we even survived stupid, pointless Jar Jar Binks!
So, why can't babes be warriors?
I admit, I have a soft spot for Harrison Ford. I don't think anyone else could play that role the way he did. And it was certainly the making of his career, as a wise-cracking sometimes incompetent but lucky hero. Carrie Fisher, however, is perhaps best known for her gold slave bikini and for nearly kissing her brother. Which brings me to the only criticism I have of the series - the lack of female protagonists. Surely, so far into humanity's future, women would do more than wear gowns and bikinis? Where are the warriors? Even Hercules came up against Zena. The new cast shows no sign of improving this lopsided view of life in space. But perhaps deep into our future as a race there aren't as many females. Perhaps we all got fed up with being ignored and buggered off to another universe.

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