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My Books

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Help Your Anxious Child

Wow! I am so happy to see this review of my book:

"We have tried so many books and workbooks for my anxious 6 year old son and this is the one that 'spoke to him' and has been an ongoing, useable resource. I found the information in the book really helpful for understanding anxiety and particularly the body's response to it, and then the 12 monsters themselves are a useful tool for a child to identify with. Reading the title of each made me smile as Dawn Meredith certainly has done an amazing job of identifying the different types of anxiety. Thank you for this book, it really has made a difference to us, and I've recommended it to others many times."

It means so much that this little book has helped kids and their families.
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And here's another review from parent and publicist Flavia Young (Part of it here:)
"... Dawn uses each of her monsters to educate kids about the negative emotions associated with these feelings. She expresses how these feelings might sound as self-talk and further puts the reader at ease by explaining that their emotions are normal. Then, with every monster, she does something magical and beautiful. She de-mystifies them. She dispels their power and highlights the reader as being the champion over them."

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