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Friday, 25 September 2015


Man, have I been busy this year! Three school workshop days, two festivals and a convention coming up all in the space of three weeks. My writing bank balance is finally looking slightly less jaundiced. My accountant remarked with a noticeable level of incredulity last year that; "Hey, your writing is actually making money!" Cheeky sod. I'm a long way from giving up my day job, though. :-)

Anyway, I have had the most LOVELY time with primary school aged kids in the last few weeks, after recovering from almost a month with pneumonia. It's a slow road back to health, but I'm getting there.

As always, the kids wanted to ask lots of questions: Do you know Roald Dahl/J. K. Rowling? How old are you? How old were you when you first started writing? What's your favourite book that you've written? How many books have you written? Do you have a cat? This year I have had the the joy of seeing kids' own monsters, after they read my 12 Annoying monsters - Self Talk for Kids with Anxiety
Here are some of their fabulous designs! I also got to run a whole day of writing workshops/talks with a beautiful illustrator friend of mine, Narelda Joy. It was enormous fun and we've decided to partner up again.

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