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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Free audio stories for kids - listen while you work!

During the last school holidays we were saved by a fantastic website, 
We did craft at the kitchen table while listening to entertaining stories and loved it!

BBC journalist Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn founded storynory. " Hugh and Matthew knew each other (slightly) at Oxford University in the 1980s where they both worked on Isis, the student magazine.

Hugh Fraser is Storynory’s editor and producer. He writes the original stories and adapts many of the myths and legends. He is also webmaster and oversees the development strategy for Storynory.

This is what Hugh says about himself:
“I used to be a journalist. I spent some time in Russia (1990-1993). I am planning a “magnum opus” for Storynory that will be set in Russia, but somehow I haven’t quite written it yet.
I did ten years at the BBC World Service where I got my background in all things audio and started to write for the net. Now I try to get all that journalese out of my head and write proper English.

A very long time ago I did Classics at Oxford. Regular listeners to Storynory will recognise my interest in the ancient world. ”

Storynory provides original stories, in fabulous series, to listen to as well as classics and other stories. just click on the story you want to hear and away you go! The other great thing about this website, and the reason why I use it at work with my reluctant readers, is that it provides the story in written form too, so the listener can follow along. Brilliant!

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