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Monday, 14 March 2016

STEAM PUNK GLORY! Is the future just a re-jigged Victorian past?

About time I collected some more awesomely cool steam punk pics for you! I love the ingenuity of steam punk, the way it incorporates art and machinery and persistence with a dreamlike lens into the future. Or is it the past? The glory of the Victorian age of mechanisation was, in part, the beginning of much suffering and alienation in the world, but at the same time thrust humankind forward in great leaps to the technological age we now 'enjoy'.

For me, Steam Punk seems to try and preserve some of that old fashioned humanness while exploring the extraordinary with a childlike fascination. Interesting questions surface - Will the future mean complete mechanisation of everything, including insects? Will we utitlise brass and copper once again, in a way we haven't before?
Enjoy my selection, obtained from

I think this one is actually fractal art, made with a complicated method of mathematics! But it does have a steam punk feel, with the luxurious colours and mechanical theme, so I thought I'd include it. 

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