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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

KIDS and photography - the fascinating world of small

autumn splendor
I love taking photos, particularly close-ups, things you don't always notice straight away. And with digital cameras making it so easy, even kids can take fantastic photos, in their own environment or as they go about their day. My tip - focus on the small things. Zoom in with that macro setting and click away!

hail in our garden

These pics can then be cropped and printed out for a display or use to inspire stories or artworks. Sometimes its really nice to just have them as a screensaver on your desktop and remember the day you took them. If you're not sure what you've captured, you can research and make a new discovery. Have fun and enjoy the small world!

Mmm... yummy pumpkin scones!
a tiny gecko we nicknamed Fred
a wildflower I saw on a tourist walk. The purple petal section is about 1cm wide!
a leaf that blew in onto my verandah and caught the sunlight

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