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Friday, 10 February 2017

Chickens, quolls and a wild Water Dragon that let's you feed it banana!

We drove to the stock feeds place the other day to buy yet another chicken, after third one was taken by a QUOLL. Cute, but vicious little things. And very clever. Yes, a wild quoll has been decimating the chicken population in our street for some months now, slowly making its way down to our place, the last stop chicken shop. After many tears and a burial, we decided to re-enforce the chicken pen and get a new birdy.

We ended up choosing a Rhode Island Red cross. But the BEST PART of all was that I met this little guy! (Well, not so little, about the size of a cat) and he let me stroke him and feed him banana.

Apparently he comes into the stock feeds shed most days looking for bugs and any food on offer. My daughter happened to be eating a banana at the time, so i whipped it out of her hand, broke off half and gave my new friend some small pieces, which he took very gently. I was allowed to stroke his side. So gorgeous! Although I'd love a pet iguana or something I am happy to see one so well fed and fully grown surviving on his own. (he lives in the bush at the back of the premises).

Nature - its wonderful.

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