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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Happy Christmas! Families are mad, mad, mad

Yup, just stop expecting that perfect family Christmas experience. It doesn't exist! Families are made of humans, after all. We all have our own interests at heart, even if it's just wanting some peace and quiet or for everyone to 'just get along.'

Instead, embrace the chaos! Plan what you can, but on the day just let the dysfunction happen. It's not about being the perfect host or providing the perfect food or the perfect presents. It's about enjoying each other's company. Here's a few silly ideas:

1. The old desert island game. Only this time you have to choose something christmassy. Three things only. To last the whole year. What would you choose?

2.  Celebrity Head. Two people are guessers. Write the names of two famous people on separate bits of paper and stick them to the wall behind the players. The rest of you can reply yes or no to their questions as they take it in turns, ie: "Am I a female?" If they guess correct they get to ask an other question. If wrong, the turn goes to the second player. YES or NO only! Whoever guesses the correct person first wins.

3. Silly Family Portrait
Come up with ideas for a silly family portrait for next year's Christmas card. The sillier the better!  

Don't take it too seriously! Have a fun time!
best wishes,

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