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Seventeen year old Charlotte Campbell has to be beautiful, rich and ruthless to stay Queen of Harlington High School. But one day she discovers a terrible secret her father has kept from her since she was eight years old. Her past is incredible. She is a scientific anomaly with a dangerous ability. The merciless organisation, Elkwood, want her DNA and they will kidnap the one person who means the most to her in the world to get it.


REBEL book 1 of Flight trilogy

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A young rebel is called to lead... with a broken wing and absolutely no idea what he is doing.
Rebel is an epic fantasy story for young adults. If you love Lord of the Rings, Thor, Ironman and Avatar you will love this book! With a stunning setting, plenty of action, beautiful creatures of legend, humour, flying people with dragon DNA, torture machines,  a love triangle, a lost language and a lost king. This story has it all!

   PHANTOM Spies
   ISBN 13: 9781530305506
   ISBN 10 1530305500 

Oliver Snatcher's family are weird. They sneak around at night dressed in black stealing things, like secret files. They are very, very good at it. The government recruits them to work for its undercover spy agency, PHANTOM. Only Roger, their six foot metal robot knows the dangers of working for PHANTOM. He is not just a friendly family robot bought at a science fair. When creepy Professor Withers gets his hands on Roger he implants an emotion chip- the very thing Roger does not want. Roger becomes unpredictable and dangerous. Has Oliver's wise and amazing friend become a killer robot out of control? Who will protect the Snatcher family now?

The Boy Who Went to War
ISBN  978-1517707729

The true story of Jim Haynes, who went off to war as a sixteen year old sailor. Read the amazing adventures and dangerous campaigns of this teenage warrior. It took 5 years to write his story with Jim, through many interviews and cups of tea!
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Friend in a Shell
ISBN 978-1-876870-81-2
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Charlie has a new friend, Boris. 
Boris is super smart, even though all he can say is "Pfoooosht!" With a huge, shiny shell and waving eyestalks, Boris tends to scare people away. But all he really wants is for someone to scratch behind his head. Only Charlie is brave enough to be his friend. And then, disaster! News crews are swarming the park where Boris lives and the zoo wants to take him away as their prize exhibit.
Can Charlie keep Boris safe? And, what on Earth do you feed a giant snail? 

12 Annoying Monsters -
Self-talk for Kids with Anxiety
ISBN 9781876870669

So, you’re a bit anxious sometimes. Or perhaps a lot. That’s OK! Lots of people feel anxious at times. Read on! This book will explain:

· What anxiety actually is.
· Why it’s a natural thing your body does to protect you.
· How you can learn to switch it off when it gets overpowering.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? You don’t have to be afraid of anxiety. You can control it. Let’s begin with what happens inside your body. It all starts in your brain…

Recommended for children 8yrs+ and their parents. Which traits has your child inherited from you? What can you do to inform and empower your child to overcoming feelings of anxiousness and fear? This book will make you laugh and give you tools to help. Illustrations are line drawings so that your child can colour them in and personalise his/her own book.

Sir Donald Bradman 
ISBN 978-0987483218

Don Bradman was an awesome sportsman who taught himself to play cricket by hitting a cricket ball with a stump off his family's water tank. He went on to shatter world records. His batting average still stands - 99.94.

This book is great for school projects or if you simply want a good read about this amazing, inspiring man, who stood only 170 cm tall but was the youngest player to score a test century. In his first season of international cricket he scored 2,960 runs with a batting average of 98.66. It was this brilliance which led to the invention of the dangerous 'Bodyline' method, by the English team, just to combat Bradman's skill.

The Anything Shop
ISBN 978192 1633515


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Charlie has no money, but at The Anything Shop it doesn't matter. He can swap things he doesn't want. Charlie swaps two years of embarrassing hugs for a cricket bat that hits six runs every time.

But things go wrong at school and Charlie soon misses all those hugs form his family. Can he swap them back? And what's really going on at that weird looking shop?

Charlie and his new friend Sam snoop around and discover something very sinister about the owners, Meryl and Alfred. What do they want with things like children's hugs and laughter and tickles anyway?
  2. Characters from The Anything Shop

The Wobbly Wombat 
ISBN  9780731273744

Woody is the littlest wombat in Grey Gums Forest and finds it hard to keep up with all the other wombats. They tease him for his short, stubby legs. Woody spends a lot of time sitting under a teatree bush feeling lonely and wondering why the other wombats are so cruel to him. Finally, he decides to take action! He asks three wise characters of the forest for advice - Possum, Dingo and Koala.

Taking a pro-active stance that empowers children to shrug off the victim label, The Wobbly Wombat is unique. The lovely bush setting, so superbly illustrated by Nick Watson,  provides the perfect backdrop for a story about finding the courage to change your circumstances by changing your reactions to it. You'll fall in love with Woody, the brave little wombat who dares to confront those who tease him and embraces the excellent life advice given to him by the elders of the Bush.

Fat Abby - Feline Investigator
 ISBN  9781876870171

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Abby may be too fat to squeeze through her catflap, but she knows how to sniff out a mystery. When a new friend, Molly, goes missing, Abby must use all her investigator skills to find her, before evil, grey Fang does. 

Themes of friendship, courage, loyalty and a sensible curiosity to problem solving.

Other books in the Blueprints series which feature my work:

Forever Friends (Friendship, bullying etc)


(Early Australian History)



  1. Dear Dawn,
    I'm really enjoying the book '12 annoying monsters'.
    Even though I'm still up to chapter three!
    I haven't coloured in any monsters yet because:
    -I don't even have any of the special water pencils
    -I still haven't practised colouring as well as you
    -I'm not even up to the monster pages!

    It's not written by Yulia it is written from me, Lia


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