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ELKWOOD by Dawn Meredith - Urban Science Fiction novel for teens

  My newest book, ELKWOOD, is available now! It's an urban science fiction novel exploring the idea of transhumanism. Does that sound a bit mad? Well, it may not be that far into the future. What does an ordinary teenage girl have to do with transhumanism, the evolution of the human species into something new? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out!  Charlotte is an unusual heroine because she is not that likeable at first. She is all about faking it - being popular, high fashion and keeping her underlings under control. But when she uncovers a secret about herself, the facade plummets and her carefully constructed world shatters. She is not who she always thought she was. It's going to take guts and sheer force of will to fix this gigantic shift in her life. But at what price? Her beloved father is in danger. A ruthless organisation, Elkwood, is after her DNA. Is she strong enough to do the unthinkable?     Check it out here:   Barnes and Noble abebooks Shooting St

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