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REBEL - teen book is Thor/Ironman/Avatar/Lord of the Rings rolled into one!

I am very proud of REBEL, my young adult/adult crossover book about a cocky 17 year old flying hero with a broken wing, set in the lush, mountainous region of Avendor. I love Tolkien's Middle Earth but have resisted the urge to include orcs and elves in this series. Couldn't exclude dragons though... The Meer are a vicious, seafaring tribe who invade the beautiful valley of Avendor and force into slavery the winged inhabitants, Dragonkind. One hundred years later, after many failed attempts to free themselves, Dragonkind put their faith in Reeve, a reckless teenage boy who loves to play pranks and doesn't take anything seriously. Why? You'll have to the read the book to find out... click here for your own print copy: Rebel - by Dawn Meredith or here:  ebook from Booktopia  

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