Recommendations of Dawn Meredith - Children's Author

"Dawn Meredith is a children's author with a great grasp of story and what kids enjoy to read. She has been a long time contributor to my e-zine Buzz Words as a book reviewer and with informative and personable articles about writing for children and the writing life."- Vicki Stanton, editor 'Buzzwords' ezine for children's writers.

"Dawn is an author and special education teacher. She conducts writing workshop for children and adults. She comes highly recommended."- Jan Latta, publisher, True to Life Books

"Dawn's devotion to boosting children's creativity is inspirational! Not only is she a wonderful kids' author, but her writing workshops for young people are an absolute delight, really nurturing and developing the imaginative processes of young minds. Her latest book The Anything Shop is packed full of really helpful and stimulating teachers' notes and student activity sheets - highly recommended!"- Charlotte Calder, Children's Author. 

"Dawn, is not only a celebrated Australian children's author but an accomplished singer and songwriter. She is a recipient of a May Gibbs Fellowship, and brings to her work with children, the skills of an accomplished performer & writer... I am happy to recommend Dawn & wish her much success in all of her undertakings."- Janice Slater, Vocal Coach, Songwriter & Soundscape designer.

"Dawn is a dedicated and professional writer and teacher and this is evident in her Writing Workshops." - Jeni Mawter, Author, Lecturer Macquarie University.

"Dawn is always well prepared, thoroughly researched. It's a real pleasure to work with her." - Crisetta McCleod, Author, Editor Aurealis Sci-fi and Fantasy Magazine.

"Dawn has a wonderful way with words, creating magical places and mystical experiences for her characters and readers alike. Once begun her stories are hard to put down. Dawn has a particular knack for opening the imagination of her young audience be they just learning to read their first books or teenagers looking for a place to escape into. " - Marta Lett, Celtic Artist, Teacher, Training Programs Manager at Steplight Pty Ltd.

"Dawn is a writer of excellent children's speculative fiction. Her book 'The Anything Shop' is a great favourite with my 7-year-old daughter who has taken her copy into school on several occasions." - Lily Mulholland,  Australian Civil-Military Centre.

"Dawn's workshops, seminars and presentations are carefully tailored to client needs. I have observed her work with a range of learners, from the acutely disadvantaged to the highly educated and been very impressed with her delivery and her attention to the specific needs of a given group."  Gillian Polack, PhD Author, University Lecturer, Canberra.

"I endorse Dawn for her skills in Writing Workshops, as a Teacher for kids & adults, a special education teacher, and a Children's Author." Goldie Alexander, Author. 

“Dawn Meredith is a published children's author, teacher, workshop leader with a great commitment to young people. Her work is professional both in PD for teachers and adults, as well as her writing workshops with young people. I had no hesitation in recommending her workshops to the ACT Library Services and other clients.” - Susanne Gervay, Author, motivational speaker; government liaison, branding and identity, not-for-profit promotions.



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