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Stories from Bookfeast 2013
My Useless Superpower by Zack
It all started that day of school, which could be fairly boring, bit in this case it was fairly interesting. My name is Kevin. That is all the introduction I need. It was during Maths class when the meteorite came. I crashed through the window and flew straight at my head. Then my world went black. I woke in sick bay. Thenurse said I'd been hit in the head with a rock and someone must have thrown it. Iw as furious, so I said, "Ti werht ohw." I was surprised at what had come out of my mouth. I said it backwards! I asked the nurse,
"Did I just say that backwards?"
"Yes," the nurse replied, a bewildered look upon her face.
"Ok, can I go now?" I asked, bamboozled at my sudden reversed outburst. The nurse agreed and I left the room, stillpuzzled. I wa halfway to my next class when it hit me. I spoke backwards when I was angry. In my mind I imagined how horrible my life would be. Whenever I got mad I would be unable to talk properly and by the time I reached the I had imagined a large amount of horrible scenarios. My only friend Tom ran to the door asking,
"Are you okay?"
I grumbled, "Yes, can I get through now?"
He agreed to let me pass and start my spelling, however Mr Jalapeno, (who honestly bent his back to look like a jalapeno and had a red face always, which was surprisingly not the most ironic teacher name here. Mister Restim had aiohphobia) had given us five pages of homework to do in nine days. After a tedious hour of finishing homework the bell finally rang and Tom cheered. (He's weird like that). So I walked home. When I nearly reached my house the eucalyptus tree emitted a strange crocking sound, as if it were falling apart. Out of the tree the outer bark peeled off into a monster made of bark.
"namuh kcab ynup si taht namuh!" it boomed in its strange voice, as if it echoed across its hollow body. It ocurred to me it was speaking backwards, so I said,
"Please go back to your tree." I realised with shock I wasn't angry. The monster came closer, brandishing its branches. I decided to let it hit me. It swung and a horrible pain shot up my arm. I was mad. I ran inside and grabbed a hatchet on display, ran back and shouted,
"EERT RUOY OT KCAB OG!" brandishing the axe. The mosnter shrieked and jumped back, reforming in the original state. I swung the hatchet chopping half the bark off. One final shriek told me he was done. I then realised this useless power must have use. After that I decided to take up meditation to calm myself, so no more reversible outbursts for me.

My Useless Power by Renee
The water stirred, the clouds were dark. Lightning split the sky... I woke up with a start, I felt somehow different. I reluctantly rolled out of bed and criticised myself in the mirror, but couldn't find anything different about myself... all I could see was the usual fuzzy hair, sleepy eyes and a grumpy face. I got ready for school and headed off, but when I got there, there was something different... there was something eerie about the school today, people were whispering to each other behind my back and laughing at me whilst pointing their fingers at me. I felt so humiliated, but didn't know why... I rushed to the toilets and was shocked at my own face. It was red and plump. Not the usual plump, but... extremely plump. I was humiliated. I was so upset I decided to stay in the bathroom all day until school ended... and that's what I did.When the school bell went I evacuated the school as quickly as possible. I arrived homer and stormed straight into my bedroom and cried and cried until I finally fell asleep. In my dream a huge, buff man came to me and told me that my sudden plumpness was a blessing... a super power. Right now it was an extremely useless super power, but it counted and he told me to use it wisely. When I got to school the next day I used the power to boast and become popular... this unusual power has saved me from humility.

Stories by young writers in Orange NSW -
The Destroyer  by Lucy J. 
“Hi Sarah!” yelled Ella to her best friend. “Hi Ella!” Sarah shouted back. Ella and Sarah were little fairies, and in their town there was a mean wizard whose name was Mary. She hated all fairies - especially Ella and Sarah - because they were good, and she liked evil. The fairies all lived in the Valley of Fairy Dust, and since Mary liked evil she lived on top of Mount Death.

      “Ella, didn’t you say that you wanted to own a fashion shop” her mum asked. “We think you’re old enough to own one now.” Ella had just had her birthday and was twenty one. “What?You mean it? I thought you had forgotten about that” Ella shouted to her Mum. “What’s it called? Where is it? Who owns it?” All these questions were flying through her head. Her mind paused for a second - what about her study? But that wouldn’t stop her -she wanted that shop. She rang up her buddy Sarah to tell her the news. “Hey, I might own a shop”. “Oh, wow that’s so cool.” said Sarah.
      “Are you ready to go to the auction?” asked Ella’s Mum. “Yes I am” she said proudly. “Then let’s go” replied Ella’s Mum. “Sold to Miss Ella”. “Oh, did you hear that?” said Ella. “I get the shop! My dream has come true!” Ella really wanted to tell Sarah they had bought the shop but she was at the Fairy Dust Fair, and Ella wouldn’t see her till she got back. “Hmmm, what’s a good name? Maybe…no, how about….no, that’s too boring.” Ella couldn’t choose a good name for her shop. Then all of a sudden, “I’ve got it! ‘Fashion Designer’” yelled out Ella in her bedroom. “What was that dear?” asked her Mum. “Oh, just thinking about my shop” answered Ella.
      Ella had told Sarah the good news, and she was very pleased. Ella had also said that Sarah could help with the shop. As Ella and Sarah drove to the shop for the first time they wondered what the clothes would look like. When she and Sarah got there, they were so amazed that their jaws dropped and their eyes stared. The clothes were beautiful! The dresses were for models! “There could be a chance that this will be a popular shop!” exclaimed Sarah. “Yep, you could have a point” replied Ella. “I only hope that Mary doesn’t find out about our shop”. They swept and swept, and tidied and tidied. The shop looked great. The only thing left to do was get the name changed.
      Ella called a sign writer. She told them her name, the name she wanted for her shop, and the address. What Ella didn’t know was that she was talking to the wizard Mary, and that she was determined to destroy their shop.
      When Mary came to the shop she was wearing a disguise. The girls thought that she was a real sign writer. They went to buy some supplies, leaving Mary alone in the shop. When they returned the first thing they noticed was the sign, which said “Ugly Fashions”. “What’s going on?” said Ella. They rushed into the shop and found all the clothes ruined. “Look at this! I had hope for this shop but now no one’s going to come” Ella said, disappointed. They suddenly realised that the sign writer must have been Mary. “Well at least she didn’t hurt us” Sarah said reassuringly to Ella. “Yeah, I suppose so” Ella said.
      When Ella got home that evening she told her Mum the bad news. “Hmmm” her Mum wondered, “there must be something we can do”. They both thought. “I have it! What about calling the police? They could do something, couldn’t they?” Ella asked. “Ok” her Mum replied. So they called the police.
      The police caught Mary the next day, and told her the consequences. She would have to sew more clothes, fix the sign, and wear a pink puffy dress with fairy wings. “Are you happy?” asked Ella’s Mum. “Yes I am” replied Ella. “Hey, Mary will have something to keep her busy anyway” said Sarah. “That’s right” they all chuckled. 

yr 3 writer from St Mary's, Glenelg, Canberra -
Ten years ago a batman lookalike was very lonely because he was too shy to make any friends. So he went to the RSPCA looking for a dog. So he got a dog and when got home he realised the dog was very grumpy so he went back to the RSPCA and told the worker. That's when the worker told him it was a wombat.

Stories by Students from Peakhurst Public School

The Basilisk! By Reyhan
It all started with the dark, gloomy room near the haunted house on Manic street. The haunting room had a vase, painted with flower and a cat on it. Anyone would think that large vase would be cute, unhurtful thing but if a monster grows inside you should think again. In that house was four people. They’ weren’t aware of the creature who was going to kill them one night because they were so spoiled that they never check the vase. Well, what do you know, that tiny creature is going to kill them. The question is who put it there? Well, the four people had enemies. The neighbourhood absolutely hated the house and the people who lived there. Now, let’s go back to the monster called the basilisk. He never went out of the room and no one went in there for seven years. It was 12 o’clock and he decided to snack a little bit of food, when something in his head said ‘kill the humans!’ he hurried over to the room and was determined to kill them. He ran over to the mother human and leaned forward. The Basilisk pulled out his claws and… kissed her.

By Toby
The moon illuminates the dark forest as rustling sounds occur behind me. The trees feel like they cave in, trapping me in every direction, but I keep running. I have a dark, sickening feeling as I hear a branch snap behind me. My breathing gets heavier as everything goes faint. I dare turn around and am surprised to see nothing there. But in the dark two glowing red dots suddenly appear. Everything goes fuzzy and I try to turn around but the force is too powerful. Then it’s gone. “Dieeeeeeeeee!” Sounds all around me bouncing off dead ends of the maze of twigs and branches. I’ve escaped, I thought. But my legs don’t want to move. Now I’m on my knees trembling in fear…  “HONK!” I’m woken up by mother’s snoring. It was like a chainsaw. 3am. Well, better go back to slee… My voice is cut off by a roar. The room caved into the trees of the forest. A dragon standing before me. I turned around and bolted. The dragon was right behind me, powering through the trees like they weren’t even there. I could make out a purple oval through the tangle of trees. I stumbled over an isolated root, falling into my house… “Tim!” dad called. “What are you doing up at 4am?”

By Ashley
It was the day of all days a Tuesday, a strange day too, like as it’s not a weekend like everyone else likes. Well, I like it because it is an ordinary day like any other week day and this is why. It all started last week. I was walking to school and I found a shiny coin on the ground. It was silver, small and had a number on it saying ‘five cents’. Do you know the saying, find a penny, pick it up and all day you will have good luck? Well, that’s what I did. And the luck kept rolling in. Firstly I got a free gift from my friend Amie. Whenever she says gift, it always means she offers me something and makes me pay for it, but no, she actually gave me a ‘free’ gift. Wow! This is good. Then I got the best lunch ever. A subway. I never get them at school. So it was a really, really good day and that’s why my favourite day of all is Tuesday.

By Daniel
Creeping through the forest there’s a cool breeze and I get a tingle down my back. Stick crack here and there and I can hear an owl hoot in the background. I can hear voices in my head. Beware. Beware. I smell the stench of dead carcasses and then there is a sudden crack of a twig. I know someone or something is following me. I run for my life and stop to find a body in front of me. As I scan the body I realise who it is. It is the ranger in charge around here. His body had been eaten through. All that remained was his head. ‘Crack!’ I know that I am being stalked again do I made another run for it. I turned my head and saw a wolf. I found a cave and decided to hide in it. I saw the shadow of the wolf and how it turned from wolf to owl to dragon. I moved back and knocked a stone by accident. The dragon came back into the cave and its stomach grumbled. I came closer and closer. It got ready to pounce. It jumped into the air… “Andrew! Andrew, breakfast is ready.” I wake up to find that it was a very, very scary nightmare. After that I learnt quite a phew lessons. Not to eat lots of lollies before bed while camping, not to watch horror movies before bed and not to listen to scary camp stories.

By Laura
It was the day before my 12th birthday. I was walking in the park and it started to sprinkle. Then a lightning blot struck a tree and the tree fell right in front of me. I was all alone and I felt like someone was watching me. I turned in the other direction and started to walk home when I saw the bushes in front of me move. I didn’t take any notice of it because I thought it was the wind. I kept on walking but just then I heard a noise that sounded like a panther. It pounced directly in front of me. I tremendously wanted to run but my legs froze like I was stuck in ice. The cat-looking monster circled around me a couple of time. And then the monster pounced on me…

By Richard
The night was dark as I walked slowing to my house with my brother. There was a feeling that many pairs of eyes were focused on us. A dark figure appeared behind us. I wonder who it was. It came closer and closer and we started to break into a run. The figure is still behind us even though we were running. Some people just jumped out of the bush. What are they doing? I hear them saying ‘Brains. I need brains.” Vroommmmmmmmmmm. What, they have chainsaws. “Arggggh.” A wave of wind hit me hard as a helicopter was in the (air) and had dropped a rope for me and my brother the hold on to.

By Sarah
“Shh! Be quiet!” I said as we watched a shop. “They could come out anytime!”  The shop door opened and he came out. He? Danny Hell. The one who stole the Queen’s jewels, like the one who killed the super star, Katie Manchesten and now he was planning the most cunning secret ever! To freeze the world! Suddenly I heard a crash behind me. I turned around to see Jack Ferrar! Danny’s hench men. “RUN!” I yell to my brother as we switch on our jet packs. We run and then we take off. “That was close!” My brother says as we fly down to my secret hide out. We land and run straight though a wall. Yes, this is the start of a long lasting war. *********** I blow the candle out as we prepare for a mission. TO find out where Danny’s hide out is. “Suit up,” I say as we get our weapons ready. “C’mon, lets go,” my brother says. We run out of the hideout and hop onto our scooters. “Get them!” yelled a voice as three men dressed in black lunged for us. “Let’s go!” I say. We do a run up and jump onto our scooters. “Dodge!” My brother yells as the men shoot trap bullets. “Need some help?” a girl asks as she runs up in front of us. “Emma?” we call as she shoots a ‘bombard’ towards the men. “1 down 2 to go” I say as we head towards the men. I explain as cars come from the other side. “Emma, back0fire!” I call as we screech to a stop. Emma stomps both feet on the ground a stretches her hands out. She starts to spin and suddenly green lights come out. Then it started to push the cars and men towards the edge of a cliff. “St Benard, Australia!” Yells someone. “Great, we know where Danny is!” I say as we fly off. THIS is just the beginning.

By Jessica
Trying to get to sleep waiting for my parents to come home. It’s 12:00 pm. There are noises from the outside. I hear the door open then shut. It’s my parents. I think to myself. I hop out of bed and run to say hello but I can’t find them. The window’s lock and the door. I go to there room but there not there. I’m getting scared something is not right. I hear footsteps coming closer on the wooden floors. I run to my room and hide under my bed. The footsteps sound like there in front of my (bed). I see the shadows of four feet standing in front of my bed. I think to myself Why is this happening to me?

The Unknown Zone by Sophie
 It all started after school. I grabbed my bag firmly and left the corridor of my school, Peakhurst Public. As I walked my way home, I saw a path that wasn’t there before. “Hmm…” I thought. I decided to take a look around and then I would be back around 5. Cautiously, I peeped around each corner of the path as I went. There were also strange fauna and flora… almost like a forest! In a blink of an eye I saw a creature with 2 pink horns, 1 pink and white tail and a long stick on it. Was it an unicorn… no, it has only one horn. Was it an elephant….no, oh no, it, it’s something. Later the creature muffled and murmured. I rushed over to see what was wrong. The poor creature had been shot down with an arrow, a poison tipped arrow. I eased it down with some water next to him. Magically the poison inside the creature healed! Wow! I gasped. The creature stood up and bowed to me. I got confused and thought I was a queen or princess or even a ruler! The creature then said his name was Plan. I nodded and replied my name back. Plan told me that I must not go here or else… I wondered about that statement and did what I was told. Would I ever go back? Is there a problem? Only Sophie could save the Unknown Zone.

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