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Thursday, 31 March 2011

chivalry for children - courtesy is not dead!

Came across this wonderful story of modern chivalry, taught in schools!

"Others have argued that different virtues are more important, but we teach the kids that courage is the basis of all the other great virtues: If you haven’t the courage to tell the truth when a lie would be easier, you will be a liar. If you haven’t the courage to stand by your friends when others tell you they are not worthy, you will be a traitor. If you haven’t got the courage to be polite when telling someone off would be more fun, you will be rude. If you are afraid to give to those who have less when you have little, you will be a miser. If you haven’t got the courage to try again after you have failed, you will be a quitter."

cheers, Dawn


  1. Thank you, we appreciate your kind words about our program.

  2. I couldn't help but post this - what a fantastic way to bring history to life and teach about life itself! Thanks to you and your team for presenting this programme! cheers, Dawn


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