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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Real Men READ BOOKS! Role models for boys

I had the priviledge of teaching a writing workshop to a single sex class of year 1 boys last week. I was profoundly impressed by their teacher, the behaviour of those little gentlemen and the philospohy behind this whole venture. Boys learn differently to girls and their response to literacy is likewise different. In this class, which began last year when the group were in kindergarten class, strong self-discipline values are encouraged and even the language used is more boy-friendly. In this age where many boys do not have a father living with them or significant male mentor in their lives, this sort of class has a huge, positive impact. I cannot speak highly enough of the school for having the sense to act upon current research into why boys become despondent with learning and literacy in particular at the critical ages of 6-7 years. As part of this ground breaking venture the teacher interviewed and photographed all the male teachers and other male staff of the school reading their favourite books. Love it!
cheers, Dawn

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