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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kumiki Wooden Robot

This little guy was a birthday present and I love him! He's made of wood and collapses to form a perfect cube.
 think geek

Retro and Retro-er
"Cubebot is a kumiki-style robot toy made from sustainably harvested cherry wood. A perfect 2.5" cube when at rest, Cubebot sits unassumingly on your desk. When it's time to play, simply unfold his hardwood frame, stretching his elastic muscles and move his limbs into place. He's 6.75" tall with an arm span of a whopping 9.25". Use him to crush your enemies and then fold him back into a cube when you're done.
Product Specifications
  • Wooden robot toy made from sustainably harvested cherry wood
  • No batteries required for this bad boy!
  • Inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumiki puzzles
  • Made by designer David Weeks
  • Hardwood frame and elastic band "muscles" - extremely durable
  • Folds into a perfect 2.5" cube when at rest
  • Dimensions when in robot form:  6.75" tall with a 9.25" arm span." 
cheers, Dawn


  1. Dear Dawn Meredith,
    Hello I hope you receive my message. I know that you are coming to the Book Feast on 13th of September. My school will be sitting with you to conference. I am one of those kids! We have heaps of questions to ask you. We are so excited that an author we love is coming to meet us. I hope you have a nice time there!
    P.S We love your books!
    Sincerely Rhianna

  2. Hi Rhianna,

    I'm super excited to meet you guys too! Thanks for your message. I'm very glad you wrote to me.

    Dawn x


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