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Monday, 10 September 2012

Reading and Success in Life - REAL MEN READ BOOKS!

With literacy rates changing all over the world, (in some developing countries levels have risen, in some developed countries, it's fallen) I think it's so important to focus on the idea that literacy is a vital key to success in life. It's not the ONLY key, of course. Determination to succeed, the right knowledge, skills, modelling and assistance are also factors. But working with kids every day I see how much INDEPENDENCE literacy gives them. There are adults in our communities who suffer with learning disabilities which have made it extraordinarily difficult to learn to read and write, thus reducing their career options. Fortunately, there are programs available which can provide assistance.

As a children's writer and avid reader myself I live and breathe writing and reading. I surround myself with books at home and at work and I believe in the power of books to change and enhance our lives. Each book is a gem of knowledge and can take us on imaginary journeys to entertain us or challenge our thinking. Our brains are great storehouses and processors of knowledge, sucking up every bit of input to utilise later; to make sense of our world and give us the ability to function and make changes within it.

In 2011 I was privileged to run some writing workshops at a school in South Australia and it was the most fabulous week! They have a huge focus upon literacy, particularly encouraging boys in the primary school years to to get involved with reading. This wonderful poster was designed for that purpose - showing how the different men involved in the school community enjoy reading; showing a diverse collection of books for different purposes and to suit different interests. I love it! I hope it inspires you too.
cheers, Dawn

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