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Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to write fantastic stories! Tips for Kids

How's your writing going, kids?
I am often asked by kids of all ages how they can improve their writing. Here are my simple tips -

1. Keep a small notebook for all your ideas. Every time you hear something or think of something, write it down, so you won’t forget!

2. Choose one of your cool ideas!
Think about how the story begins (opening), where it happens (setting), who is in it (characters), what happens (plot) and how it ends (resolution or conclusion). You must know these things BEFORE you start writing the story.
3. Talk to your friends about it if you’re not sure about any of these.

4. Write a story plan on a sheet of paper with spaces to write notes for opening, setting, characters, plot & resolution. Make sure your plot includes a problem or difficulty for the characters, otherwise the story will be boring.

5. Start writing! Make sure the first line (the hook) is really, really interesting. This will make people want to read more!

6. Finish your first draft. Check it for spelling mistakes, sentence sense and punctuation. Be fussy! This is important.

7. Write your second draft with all the mistakes corrected.

8. Ta da! Give it to someone to read and enjoy the compliments on your awesome writing!

Good luck!

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