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Friday, 15 August 2014

12 Annoying Monsters - anxiety book getting great reaction

My newest book, 12 Annoying Monsters, - Self Talk for Kids with Anxiety is receiving a wonderful reaction from kids, parents, psychologists and teachers!

- "It's a beautiful book ... well worth not only a review, but also a purchase and promotion! Well done Dawn. "

- "This little book is of great value for the mental and emotional health of children and our own child within. Thank you Dawn Meredith for sharing your insightful professional experience."

So many people struggle daily with keeping a lid on their negative thoughts and the physical sensations that go with feeling controlled by anxiety. It's the pits! But my book is quietly helping people and that's exactly why I wrote it!
You can purchase it from AMAZON or

You might know someone, child or adult, who suffers with anxious thoughts. This could be the book that makes the difference for them. Many parents read it and see themselves as a child (and adult!) and find the simple, practical explanations and advice very helpful. For kids, the illustrations are black and white line drawings for them to colour in and make it their own special book. Read more about it here: 12 annoying monsters book

Here I am with writer friend, the lovely Katrina Germein, author of truly marvellous books for children, at the recent SCBWI conference in Sydney. My fave books of Katrina's are 'Little Dog' and the 'My Dad...' series.Check out her work here:

That's it for now. Have a great day!

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