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My Books

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

School Writing workshops for Kids NSW

Yesterday I had a HUGE day at Emu Heights Public School and enjoyed every second! From Kinder to year six they were all fantastic listeners and some wonderful stories came out of the pre-workshop writing task. So proud of you all!

For the first time in my career I got to chat about my drawings as for this last book I am both author and illustrator. The sketches of my monsters scored huge laughs and much animated discussion, even comments from the teachers!
All day I was treated like Royalty by lovely Librarian Vicki and made to feel warmly welcomed by Principal Mike and his staff.

In the meet and greet session kids came for a chat and to purchase their own copies of my books and have them signed. Many wanted to tell me about stories or illustrations they are working on. There were some very thoughtful questions too, such as 'what inspires you to write?' and 'Would you ever get sick of reading?' Hopefully I shared my love of reading to them all and encouraged the reluctant readers among them to find that illusive book that will switch on their own obsession for good...

I had a wonderful time, guys. Thanks so much for having me!

This monster was created by one of the very clever and talented students! To see more monsters: Emu Heights Monsters

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