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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Little House on the Prairie - beautiful safe stories for children

I loved this series as a child and now I am reliving it again with my daughter. Each episode is lovingly crafted, with a solid emphasis on family, kindness, compassion, fun, adventure and resilience. Michael Landon's passion was to bring the true life story of Laura Ingalls Wilder to the screen in authentic devotion to the spirit of the American pioneers she so deftly displayed in her memoirs.

I should add here that Michael Landon is easy on the eyes, ladies.... 

You learn so much about this time in history! And the plot always has an important moral lesson for children. There is SO MUCH RUBBISH on TV these days, but I can happily leave my child to sit and watch an episode, knowing she will never be exposed to anything harmful or inappropriate. Every single episode enriches her life somehow, with its portrayal of the plucky and sometimes naughty Laura. I often hear giggles from the lounge room, as Laura gets herself into scrapes or manages to get back at that Nellie Olsen.

I managed to buy the entire box set for a decent price. You can also get hold of a single series easily. In terms of story, these episodes have pathos and humour and excitement aplenty.

The scenery in 'Walnut Grove' and surrounds is stunning,whether it be severe storms, droughts or snowy winters and the hardships of the simple life are foremost in the way the characters go about their daily lives. Doctor Baker is a busy man! We become absorbed in the lives of the local school mistress, the banker, the store owners (the Olsens), the mill, where Charles often finds work. Just keeping their own livestock alive is a challenge. But the determination of the Ingalls family comes down to their devotion to each other and their acceptance of life's hardships, and their vigorous sense of justice and compassion for all. The series was filmed o Big Sky ranch.

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