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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beautiful hand crafted illustrations by Beverley Edge

I recently met a fabulous illustrator, Beverley Edge at a writer's conference. Just look at her meticulous, beautiful work! I love robots, so of course I had to put at least one pic in this blogpost.

Beverley lives in Perth, Western Australia, but, like me, she hails from the UK. Beverley says of her work:

"I work with a variety of materials to form my illustrations, mainly polymer clay, wire, beads, felt, fabrics and then add finishing touches digitally on photoshop. These quirky 3D clay creations and fabric designs are unique, fashionable and have characters with global appeal. Each character is lovingly handmade until the models form a life of their own. The attention to detail is paramount, and i am constantly finding new ways of adding texture, pattern and interest in the materials I use."

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