Christina Booth - Australian Author/Illustrator of fabulous stories!

Christina Booth and me
Recently I attended a CBCA (Childrens Book Council of Australia) function here in Tasmania and met Christina Booth, author/illustrator, who was the guest speaker. Not only is she an amazing and talented author and illustrator, but a really nice person to boot! And quite funny! I can see why she enjoys writing for children so much and why they enjoy her workshops/visits.

Christina has written, authored and illustrated many books for kids, some winning awards, such as The ANZAC Tree, which won a Notable award this year.

"The Anzac Tree is the story of those left behind at times of war. Inspired by the true story of two brothers who planted two trees before departing for The Great War, The Anzac Tree follows the stories of the children left behind in each generation as Australia faces a new conflict. After one hundred years of Anzac Commemorations and war history, we journey through the changes in attitudes, events and circumstances looking through the eyes of Phillip (WW1), Kenneth (WW2), Sophie (Korea), Emily (Vietnam), Chris (Iraq) and Jack (Afghanistan). Presented like a scrapbook of memories and notes, this story is suitable for younger children through to adults." (from Christina's website: click here

One of her favourite books is Too Many Sheep, which is such fun!

"When Grandpa Jack can't sleep, he counts sheep, and off to sleep he goes. So what happens if you can't find any sheep to count? you invite them to your house of course. Follow the antics of too many sheep and how they can't help you sleep, or can they?"
(click here)

Other titles include: Kip, Welcome Home, Purinina and Potato Music. At the CBCA function Christina unveiled her newest book, which hadn't been released yet, about the last Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine, as they are officially called. I will freely admit we were all affected by her reading of this story. Beautiful detail in her artwork and a very moving and sad tale of the life of the last female tiger, inaccurately called Benjamin, who died in Beaumaris zoo here in Tassie in 1936.

Christina is not afraid to tackle these hefty subjects. She has written about war, whaling, forgiveness, the environment, family and more.

The SCBWI conference is in Hobart soon and I look forward to catching up with Christina again!


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