12 Annoying Monsters - New book for kids about ANXIETY

GOOD NEWS! My latest book, 12 Annoying Monsters - Self-talk for Kids with Anxiety is OUT NOW!  
ISBN 9781876870669

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12 Annoying Monsters from Five Senses Education
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Working with children and their parents for over 20 years I have seen many children suffer with anxiety, even depression. This book was written as a resource for my clients but the demand has been so strong (I sold all 100 copies printed) I have decided to make it available to everyone!

Suitable for readers 8yrs+, this book details the reasons for anxiety symptoms, how the body protects us in times of real danger and helps children figure out what thought processes are causing these over-the-top reactions. By assigning a 'monster' to negative thoughts, a child can put the message as an influence outside their head and thereby learn to ignore it. I've provided a full list of websites and resources at the back of the book to direct you further should you need professional help.

Here's some of those 12 annoying monsters:

 "Bad stuff always happens to me"
Beware this pathetic monster! He will tell you that bad things only happen to YOU. You are a loser, a magnetic for trouble. A hopeless case of bad luck, over and over.

 "Everything has to be perfect"

There is no such thing as perfect! This monster is telling you a big, fat, juicy lie. You can get yourself tied up in mental knots trying to do things perfectly and he will always tell you the same message: 'that's not good enough! You're useless!' and worse: 'everything must be perfect or I won't feel safe.'


"The world is a horrible mess"

This monster loves watching the news. There's so much death and suffering in the world and he wants to see it all. And remind you of it later, when you're trying to sleep. He enjoys making you feel scared, unsafe.

So, if these sound familiar to you or someone in your family (or friends!) you can easily purchase your own copy of this comprehensive book.
To order direct from the author:
please contact dawnmeredith1@gmail.com. Want more information about this book?
cheers, Dawn


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