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Friday, 17 June 2011

Beautiful Victor Harbor, Clydesdales and Granite Island

Hi All!
I spent some time in the lovely seaside town of Victor Harbor recently. One of the highlights for me was taking the horse drawn carriage (drawn by Clydesdales) over the causeway to Granite Island. I even got to hold Thomas' reins on the way back! Most mornings the horses are taken for a dip in the ocean before their working day begins and I was lucky enough to catch them.

 Granit Island. Love the rocks.
 The Clydesdales taking a dip
The gorgeous boy, Thomas, getting ready for the last ride of the day.
Changing ends for the return journey.
 The view from my hotel window the first morning
 I was standing at the window with a cup of tea when this hopeful seagull 
landed on the roof and waited for me to throw it a tidbit!
Victor Harbor has a really unique fountain. As the area is known for annual
whale watching, it is a fitting tribute to those magnificent creatures of the deep.
cheers, Dawn

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