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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Creating a scene - essential elements to writing your story, scene by scene

So, I've fallen a bit out of love with my latest manuscript and looking for tips to freshen up my approach. Thanks goodness writers are a generous and caring lot! Perhaps it's because we know the pain and frustration of this totally insane lifestyle choice... I digress, as I usually do when stuck. Sometimes you write a scene and it appears to function well, but you get the feeling something is missing and you can't quite put your finger on it. Writer John August has a great website, with tips for writing scenes, to ensure you have all the elements needed. how-to-write-a-scene.pdf

Here's a brief overview:
  1. What needs to happen in this scene?
  2. What would happen if this scene got omitted?
  3. Who needs to be in the scene?
  4. Where could the scene take place?
  5. What's the most surprising thing that could happen in the the scene?
  6. Is this a long scene or a short scene?
  7. Brainstorm three different ways it could begin
  8. Play it on the screen in your head
  9. Write a scriibble version
  10. Write the full scene
  11. Repeat
The only thing I would add to this, is - Write three different ways this scene could END. I think having options helps free the mind. Doesn't matter if two of the options are ridiculous, it helps free the mind to possibilities. I'm also thinking of using colours for scene elements. I'll let you know how I go with that!

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